skribbler in paint and words

Benderskum de Skribbler

Am I a vegan or is that just a label?

I’m kind to animals as much as I’m able.

Am I a vegan or an average Joe?

I am just a benderskum so how would I know?

Although folks assume it so decide that’s what I am.

They can think what they like, I don’t give a damn.

I’m totally kind to animals which is something you may have heard.

I try not to harm a living being and vegan is merely a word.

If you say ‘kind to animals’ instead of vegan, you may find.

Becoming ‘kind to animals’ could soon be on your mind.

Just say I’m ‘kind to animals’ say it again, repeat.

Or, I’d like to be ‘kind to animals’ but I couldn’t give up meat.

Or leather shoes or handbags and fashion.

Or cheese, milk, eggs or honey whatever is my passion.

Everything you need can be harvested from a plant.

You’d like to be ‘kind to animals’ but you simply can’t.

This book is big whilst the others are small

But I dunno what that's got to do with it all except that one on the left even though it looks small its wide backwards

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