Who am I? Why should you care? I’m as mischievous as my lack of hair

I’ll do you no harm and I’m not short of charm

But beware of my cynical tongue

I’m actual an optimist or something that rhymes like this

It is what it is, I might take the piss

But I’m not the only one

And maybe I do it for fun

So now who are you? Where do you live? What do you do?

You can trust me it’s true, I wouldn’t harm you

Is it rude to ask? What is your pin code?

Pass me those bullets I’m empty and needing a reload

What that’s all about I’ve no fucking idea

My mouth says the words that the computer types here

So don’t blame me for writing this drivel, no, it isn’t me you should blame

No it’s String my invisible friend, I think the fuckers insane



The top dog award

for being the sidekick for years of a



Legend in my own Lunchbox Award 

This is an amazing achievement due mostly...no entirely to my lack of actual lunchbox

These are wrinkles not laugh lines nothing is that funny Award 

This award matures with age


July 20, 2022

On this day all the governments worldwide declared peace with each other and pledged to rebuild our planet and enrich the ground rather than destroying it.

Nah just kidding they're still all cunts

August 13 , 2021

A mystery nicey plonks a squillion nuggets in the bank acount  benderskum de skribbler. Proper nice job too